A mother-daughter team of vintage collectors renovating a camper in mid-century style

April 20, 2013

About Us

Bebe’s Cupboard is an Ontario-based mother-daughter team. After years of collecting – with storage space getting low – we decided it was time to start selling. We focus mostly on housewares from the 50s/ 60s/70s, but you’ll see the occasional find from other eras.

After selling at the Junction Flea and a few other places last summer, we bought the camper with the aim of taking our show on the road. It’s something we had talked about doing in the future, but we got kicked into gear when we lost our our husband/dad, David, last year. When he wanted to do something, he made it happen – and¬†once joked that he lived two years in every year.¬†Realizing how short life is and inspired by his sense of adventure, we snapped up our dream camper when we happened upon it sitting in a driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign on it one day.

It’s been well taken care of and in great overall shape. It has unique shelving all the way around the inside and the kitchen has been converted to storage space – perfect for a shop! But it’s a 1960s camper with a decidedly un-1960s interior. That’s where we come in! Follow along as we paint the inside and outside, lay news floors, hang new curtains, replace the cushions and fancy up the hardware. At the end, we’ll unveil the full makeover.

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